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Isla's Way - feature documentary

Cowboy. Rebel. Survivor. Grandmother. You’ll never forget meeting Isla.


Formidable grandmother Isla Roberts is adamant. She insists that although she’s not a lesbian, her girlfriend Susan is. In this tender, richly humorous portrait of an 87-year-old horse carriage driving champion, we learn what makes an ordinary life extraordinary.

Straight-shooting Isla’s lived experience of rural Australia, raising a family in severe economic hardship, and coming out later in life, all make for a poignant documentary of a woman who’s well ahead of her time and refuses to be put in a box. The film follows Isla over one eventful, cathartic year.

Watch trailer here

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Recipe For Love - TV series

Recipe For Love is a 6 x 30 | Dating - Cooking Show which launched on Channel 31/44 Australian Public Broadcaster in February 2021 and doubled the previous audience for it's scheduled timeslot across the premiere season.


A studio-based dating show with a cooking twist, Recipe for Love is a recipe for joy and pure fun. A simple, sweet antidote to whatever else is going on in the world! This format celebrates love over the age of 50. 


Two suitors vie for the affection of a single person by cooking them a signature dish to create a meal with a memory. After dining together on a triple date, the single decides who goes home, and who they will now cook a special dessert for - maybe it's a recipe for love.


Heart, Warmth, Positivity. Marrying two of the most popular genres on earth - dating and cooking, RECIPE FOR LOVE encourages the pursuit of happiness.

International rights and format rights are available from Media Ranch Inc. 

The Flip Side - feature film

While visiting Australia, English actor Henry and his French girlfriend Sophie, stay with Adelaide couple Ronnie and Jeff. What should be a fun break descends into paranoia, bitter recriminations and truly appalling behaviour. In the end, “real Australia” has had enough and lets them know it.  THE FLIP SIDE pitches a young Australian couple against the visitors from hell, an insufferable European duo operating with the confidence of the anointed.

Watch the trailer here

My Last Five Girlfriends - feature film

After yet another failed relationship, 30-something Duncan (Brendan Patricks) decides to quiz his last five girlfriends to find out what went wrong in order to figure out how to find love. With advice from bizarre sources and intense flights of fancy, finally Duncan realises that love is a battleground where only the fittest can survive.

Watch the trailer here

Sleuth - feature film

Andrew Wyke (Michael Caine) is a highly successful mystery writer living in a beautiful and technologically advanced mansion in England. Milo Tindle (Jude Law) is an unsuccessful actor with decidedly less to show for his professional exploits. The lives of these two men cross paths when Andrew's wife leaves him for the younger Milo. Hoping to carry out a cleverly constructed revenge plot, Andrew invites Milo to his estate, where elaborate mind games ensue.

Watch the trailer here

Being Julia - feature film

Julia Lambert (Annette Bening) is a popular but aging stage actress who is losing passion for her career. Her husband and director, Michael Gosselyn (Jeremy Irons), introduces her to a young American actor, Tom (Shaun Evans), who professes admiration for her. Julia and Tom start an affair, but soon she realizes that Tom is just using her to advance his own career and that of his other girlfriend, actress Avice Crichton (Lucy Punch). Julia befriends Avice, all the while plotting her revenge.

Watch the trailer here

Nina's Heavenly Delights - feature film

Nina Shah (Shelley Conn), a closeted lesbian, returns to Scotland following her father's death and discovers that the family restaurant is for sale. Nina's father secretly entered a "Best of the West" curry competition before his death, and Nina vows to win the contest and save the eatery. Lisa (Laura Fraser), a charismatic woman who owns half of the business, agrees to help Nina, and soon the kitchen heats up with more than exotic spices when Nina falls in love with Lisa.

Watch the trailer here

The River King - feature film

Abel Grey (Edward Burns) is sent to investigate the death of a boy from an exclusive local school, who is found floating in the river. Fearing scandal, the school insists it was suicide.

Watch the trailer here

Little Fish - feature film

Four years clean, video store manager Tracy (Cate Blanchett) lives quietly, avoiding anything that might trigger a heroin relapse. Her ex-boyfriend Jonny (Dustin Nguyen) returns, claiming he is now a drug-free banker, and the two begin seeing each other again. Tracy looks after Lionel (Hugo Weaving), the man who introduced her to the drug. But, Lionel is thrown into a panic when his dealer, Brad (Sam Neill), suddenly retires. Lionel begs Tracy to help him score, testing her shaky sobriety.

Watch the trailer here

The Ride - short film

On a deserted country road, lone driver (Anthony LaPaglia) picks up a young student (Ed Speleers), heading back to town. A casual conversation between strangers quickly becomes terrifying when the driver’s psychotic nature is revealed. Frightened and intimidated the student finds himself embroiled in a deadly event.

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Watch the trailer here

Stingray - short film

Struggling writer Kurt (Mathew Horne) has just lost another book pitch to a big time publisher (Dominic West). Afterwards he visits a pet shop to buy a new fish and runs into a pretty young teacher (Lucy Punch). After taking advice from the resident Stingray (voiced by Andy Serkis), Kurt decides to ask her on a date. However he’s not as good with words as he thinks…

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Watch the adlibbed out-take here!

The Day My Nan Died - TV 1/2 hour special

One day, on her favourite chair, Nan slowly stops knitting and the cuckoo clock slowly stops ticking. But life doesn’t end there, not if her daughter (Alison Steadman) has anything to do with it.

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Frida and Diego: The Australian Years - short film

Once upon a time Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera tried to make a go of it in Australia. Devastated by an artistic scandal in New York they exiled themselves first to Port Adelaide, a place of industry and real people. In this new land they hoped to find creative sanctuary and succour. Away from the demons that haunt their past, Frida and Diego unravel the mysteries of modern Australian life. Based on real events as imagined by Marion Pilowsky.

Watch it here!

2 in a Million - short film

Richard has a critical deal to close. Neema is visiting a friend. When two strangers enter a lift during raging thunderstorm they leave with a unique understanding of the other.

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What We Know - short film

One year after the death of his wife, happy Vincent introduces his new lover to old friends over a meticulously planned dinner party.

It doesn’t go well.

Watch the trailer here

Yia Yia (Grandmother) - short film

A guy, a girl and a Greek pudding. Adorable Nara unexpectedly shines a ray of light on Cal’s overcast day and a taste of her Yia Yia’s creme kataifi changes his life.

Stream it here!

My Little Sumo - animated short film

Little Australian girl Daisy with the help of her super smart cat Charlie and beloved granny, sets out to become a sumo champ.

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It's Always - short film

The age-old story of the struggle between men and women, love and power and… horrible Christmas presents.

Watch it here!

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